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Coaching Philosophy

Coaching Philosophy.jpg


Taking to heart the Mesomorpheus mission statement and guiding principles, our coaching philosophy is as follows:



  • Above all else, we abide by primum non nocere (Latin for "first, do no harm").

  • From a comprehensive health assessment to a functional movement screen, we continually reassess and rescreen.

  • We immediately refer out to a physician or other appropriate medical professional as needed.



  • Our mantra is "small changes lead to big changes."

  • We preach day-by-day process goals (daily behavior change you can influence) and long-term performance goals (your own performance).

  • Be ready to take off like a rocket ship!

#3 FUN


  • For each workout program, you are required to engage in at least one weekly just-for-fun physical activity.

  • For each nutrition guide, you are required to take a weekly refeed day to indulge in your favorite food.

  • We encourage/proselytize stand-up comedy or anything that makes you laugh!

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