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About Me


After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a Bachelor of Science in electrical and computer engineering, I worked as an engineer for eight years with McKesson, a Fortune 9 company, the world's largest distributor of pharmaceuticals and the biggest company nobody has ever heard of. While I very much enjoyed helping doctors and nurses help patients, I wanted to help patients directly, so I became a personal trainer and nutritionist.

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Toastmasters Extraordinaire
Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
Burly Powerlifting
Joseph Esler, CSCS, CISSN


With expertise in both exercise and nutrition, I offer a holistic solution to help my clients improve their overall function/health/fitness/performance. My credentials comprise 34 personal training and nutrition certifications/certificates, several of which are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). My specialty is variety. From powerlifting to bodybuilding to sports performance to tactical conditioning to weight loss to corrective exercise to designing your own workout, I love it all. And, having won 6 out of 8 events in the Colorado Athletic Club's annual statewide CAC Games for my age group, I know how to apply my passion for variety to a real-world competition.


My personal struggles include being, for lack of a better word, scrawny. Although not technically underweight, I have been relatively skinny without much muscle mass at about 150lb and 5'11". I have also been clinically obese at 233.8lb and around 30% body fat (the before picture at the bottom left of this page is after I had already lost 19lb and 5% body fat...I simply did not feel comfortable taking such a picture until then). And I have made that weight loss transformation twice. Yes, like many people, I have yo-yoed.

I have tried various diets from slow carb to keto to IIFYM. I have tried various exercise programs from, Kinobody, and personal trainers - just as every doctor should have a doctor, every personal trainer should have a personal trainer, and I have had several.

I care a lot about continuing education, so I've studied sports physiology as a graduate student at Harvard Extension School. Here's my term paper presentation: Muscle Physiology in Female Athletes. I'm admitted as a master's candidate in the dramatic arts degree program.

Now I apply all of the above education and experience to engineer you a custom personal training and nutrition system following the philosophy of #1 safety, #2 efficiency, and #3 fun.

I'm also a stand-up comedian. I hit the Denver comedy scene pretty hard in 2014-2015, performing at the Denver Improv and Comedy Works and running a couple of open mics, one at a biker bar an